Sunshine & Diapers & a New Haircut

I love Hawaii because I can hang my diapers (and all my laundry for that matter) in the sunshine year-round! It gets them whiter than white and is a non-chemical way to sanitize. They always smell fresh and clean, too! Best part is that this is an entire weeks worth of dipes - Yay for the potty!

I don't love Hawaii because the same sunshine that is sanitizing my son's diapers is turning my skin into a piebald mess! No amount of SPF is able to keep my epidermis white. Endless frustration. But check out my new haircut - Bangs! I still can't decide if my hair is any grayer than normal (Ive always had ashy hair) but coloring my hair here would be a waste of time - between the sun and the surf, the color would only last for a week or two tops. So my big change for now is the bangs. I think I'm going to grow the rest out long - easier to cut myself :)

1 comment:

  1. Why are you covering your face?? I've been seeing this aesthetician that can erase sun spots and freckles. Haven't done it yet but I probably will. I like my white skin. What's a piebald?