Smoothie Obsession

I am obsessed with smoothies!

They seem to be the perfect way to ensure that my kid eats something balanced.  It's so simple to sneak stuff in there.  Lately, it's been spinach. I know Ikaika is getting his 1/2 cup of raw, leafy greens because I've been blending them together with berries and protien!

Since I've been out of his infant multivitamin powder, I have also been adding a regular Vita-Lea to the blender and just mixing it in with the rest of the stuff. This seems to be working out just fine and in the long run, I think it may even be saving me money.  Long live the smoothie!

But, the truth is that Ikaika doesn't eat raw greens unless they have been pulverized beyond recognition - so I would consider that to be the real victory.

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