Handmade Christmas Gifts

Here's a selection of some of the gifts that I made for Christmas this year.  I'm definitely happy knowing that everyone got something unique.

"I Glove Milwaukie" make up bag for my older sister.  She travels a lot for her job and is a die hard Brewers fan.  She picked this shirt out for me to wear to the Brewers game during our visit this summer so I knew she liked the design.  The lining is Care Bears.

Hawaiian print dish towels for my mom.  The fabric is from Vanuatu.  I actually didn't like these very much because I used the wrong color thread and the bias binding looks sloppy (in my opinion). But my mom loves them and can't stop talking about them so maybe I'm just being picky.

Embroidered pillow case for my sister-in-law.  The patterns are from Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart.  "Moe moe time" means "sleep time" in Hawaiian.  Unfortunately, I only had one pillow case but I guess that just leaves the option open for a companion gift next year.

Satin lined pencil case for my college roommate.  This is actually lined using some fabric left over from my wedding. The outside is a cow print.  She's in grad school and teaching college courses so I would consider this gift somewhat practical.

Hawaiian island chain hoodie for Mr A daughter #2.  I really like this one because the islands are on the front (usually they are always on the back of a shirt) and they wrap around the body.  I also like the way it works with the zipper.  Her Hawaiian name is appliqued down the back shoulder.

Crayon roll up for Mr A daughter #3.  Care Bears fabric.  I got her the jumbo size crayons and, in retrospect, she's a little old for those.  I should have gone with 24 regular crayons instead.  I also think that I made the pockets a bit too deep - but, again, maybe I'm just being picky.
I was thinking today how I should probably make one of these for Ikaika.  It's so much sturdier than those flimsy boxes and they transport easily in a purse or a diaper bag.

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  1. I love the carebear crayon roll up!!