Fireproof: A Movie About Love and Marriage

Fireproof is a movie about marriage, God, and unconditional love.  Caleb is a successful firefighter but his seven year marriage to Kathryn is falling apart.  She serves him with divorce papers and it seems there is no hope for either of them.  Caleb's dad challenges him to hold off on the divorce and do "The Love Dare" - a 40 day activity meant to teach him about unconditional love.  In the process he learns about faith, God, and what truly loving someone means.

Last night, Mr A and I put the boy to bed, snuggled up on the couch with hot tea, and watched this together.  We were both choked up at the end and we were still talking about it over breakfast this morning.  Fireproof is faith-based without being preachy and at the same time humorous without being corny.  This movie was not only inspiring, but very thought provoking about a number of topics.

I have to ask myself - am I working on a daily basis to strengthen my relationships or am I doing just enough to get by?  Am I loving my family because I am comitted to loving them unconditionally or am I loving them if and when I think they deserve it?  Of course, the basis of all faith is forgiveness.  So, Im not expecting perfection here - just effort and self awareness on my part.


  1. Hahahhahah! Where did you find this movie?? I kinda want to see it but am afraid I'll laugh when it's meant to be serious.

  2. Same question. Is it at Hollywood, Redbox? I love movies like this.

  3. I got this movie in the dollar movie kiosk at the local grocery store. You could probably find it at the video store if not Netflix for sure!

  4. Anonymous18.11.09

    Yes...I watched this movie last week..Its awesome movie..You can watch fireproof movie from this website....