How to Predict Your Child's Height

Most doctors use a child's height at 2 years to determine their adult height. In theory, they will grow to be exactly double their height at 2 year old.

Even though our kid is only a year old, we asked the doctor to give us her scientifically unsubstantiated projection. You know...just for fun. She told us that, based on his development thus far and Mr A & my height, she would guess Ickey is going to end up somewhere between 5'11" and 6'3". She was putting her money on 6'2".

Other reports from the docs office today - 23lbs 10oz, 31 inches tall. I finally caved and got him a round of vaccinations. More on that topic later this week (its been a long day of non stop volleyball and Im ready to sleep - like right now).

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