Thoughts About Growing Up

Yesterday, as I was putting Baby Ickey down for a nap, I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror. There I was, standing in the darkness, gently rocking back and forth, holding my baby in my arms. He was all cuddled up into my chest and had lay his head on my shoulder, staring out blankly at nothing in particular. I stoked his forehead hypnotically with my thumb.

It occurred to me in that moment that someday, a day that is coming sooner than I realize, my baby is going to be too big for me to hold. In fact, I imagine he will be bigger than his father, which is way too big for such an encompassing embrace. I know how good it feels to be encased in a protective parents arms (I remember all too well my own experience), how can I possibly continue to provide that when hes just too darn big to snuggle?

When I saw myself in the mirror yesterday I was overwhelmed by sadness at the realization that these moments are going to come to an end. Although, usually we emotionally outgrow the need for that protective parental cocoon right around the time that we physically outgrow our parents arms. Or is it right around the time when we start to find that cocoon in someone elses arms (girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse).

Anyone read that childrens book I Love You Forever?

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