A New Place for New Beginnings

We have moved again!  This is now the FOURTH (4th!!!) place we have lived in the last 6 months.  Thankfully, this time we signed a lease so no more moving for at least 6 months.  I dont think my body could handle hauling that king matress up stairs again any time soon!

So far this new place is fantastic.  Its big and spacious and there are actual rooms with doors...meaning the baby now sleeps in the evening!  Baby Ickey has been going nuts running all over and exploring every nook and cranny (much to my dismay since that means I have to clean every nook and cranny).  I knew he could walk but I guess I never noticed how much he walks!  Its within walking distance to all the parks and grocery stores.  Theres enough room to accomodate all our stuff plus visitors, which is really what living in Hawaii is all about!

I can hang my laundry in the sunshine, I can start eating more raw foods, I can sew when Ikaika takes a nap, I can walk up to the school and help Mr A coach volleyball, I can do it all! 
And...the previous owner left me a sweet couch.  Now I just have to hunt for some classy fabric and make a slip cover for it.

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