Moldy General Mills Toaster Pastry Products!

I already had this problem once. I called General Mills to report it and they sent me a coupon for another box of Fiber One Toaster Pastries.

Well, heres the new box! HOW GROSS!!!

I actually think that Fiber One are a little too sweet, even though we only eat these for dessert. I prefer the Natures Path Organic Toaster Pastries (the kind they sell at Costco) but they are just too darn expensive right now. So Fiber One was doing alright until this fiasco. It is unlikely that I will ever buy these again.

I commend General Mills for so generously replacing the box, but I must point out that when Earths Best sold me a package of defective diapers (the tabs were all screwed up) they not only sent me a coupon for a free pack of dipes, they also sent several additional coupons for other products they carry. I never used them because Mr A recycled the envelope before I had a chance, but its the thought that counts.

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  1. Do you think its general mills? Or, maybe it's because you live in Hawaii? Cuz, I would think it's because you live in Hawaii. You're kinda like China when the dog food imported from the states was not properly stored causing it to become contaminated and killing the dogs who ate it......so the moral of this story is don't eat dog food.