Pretty Modest: Swimsuits for the Modern Moms of Hawaii!

Finally!  Someone has designed a swim suit that is modern, pretty, and modest!   Best of all, they are made from vintage Aloha wear - I AM IN LOVE!!!

Although I am a vibrant 20 something year old, its just weird hanging out on the beach in the same bathing suit as a 13 year old.  Since graduating college I have made a consorted effort to not shop in the juniors department, but it seems like swimwear transcends the boundaries of age.  Why do I always feel like I have to chose between way too skimpy or downright matronly?

I dont want to be that mom-of-many boppin down the beach in a Roxy two-piece!  Sure, theres a time and place for a sporty, spandex/nylon creation (while surfing, body boarding or diving, for example) but what about when Im just chillin on the sand with my little man?  I have long yearned for a style that is mature without being "old", modern without being revealing, and pretty without being "cutesey".

HELLO 1979!!! 

I found this line through Hapa Hale, one of my favorite Hawaii fashion/shopping blogs.  Of course, I dont live on Oahu so I cant actually shop these places, but I love the eye candy.


  1. These are cute but don't seem like bathing suits to me. Like your new banner.

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