Modern Aloha: The 1 year lu'au matching aloha shirts

The story of Mr A wanting matching aloha shirts for Ikaikas first birthday party continues. I have been cutting and sewing during naps and thus far have cut the pieces for both and somewhat assembled the adult shirt.

I finally learned how to use the easy-as-pie buttonhole function on my sewing machine. Unfortunately, I cant find any buttons that I like (theres one more place in town left to check or else Im going to have to order some online) and Im getting nervous about the upcoming hems.

Critiques - the chest pocket came out with strange dimensions. I think its too small. I followed the pattern, but it seems like making the "facing" just made it all goofy. I must have misunderstood Simplicity's clear-as-day instructions.

Arrg! This really bothers me. The seam where the neck of the shirt, the collar and the facing meet is all wonky! Its stuff like this that really jabbers my jowls. I see this and I think "maybe I should have just bought some damn shirts on sale so my family doesnt walk around looking like someone threw their clothes together in the dark. Would have cost just as much and saved me hours of my precious time, which I could use to tweet about the Project Runway website."

Im getting flashbacks to "Twin Tolo 1998: A Pajamin' Night" where I tried to make matching pajama pants, ended up with something insane and having to buy pants at the last minute. God bless whoever was going with me because Im fairly sure he offered to wear them regardless but I couldnt have those monstrosities seen in public (besides, Im fairly sure that they wouldnt even stay up around the waist). How hard is it to make PJ pants? With a pattern?!

I think back to my junior year of high school when I so desperately wanted to sew my own clothes. I had zero direction, an antique sewing machine and basically no clue what I was doing (except for some minor sewing skills acquired in Campfire Girls). I should be really proud of myself for putting this shirt together. Hell, that fact that it even fits onto a human body is clearly a marked improvement from where I was.

I shouldnt get so caught up in the little details that no one (especially not my husband nor my son) will ever notice.

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