Catch of a Lifetime!

Mr A made the most amazing catch of his lifetime today down at Mauna Lani.

We had been walking along the shore for 2 or 3 hours and hadnt done much except chase the fish (Ikaika and I had collected some shells but nothing too exciting). He decided it was time to head back and see if the guys were still at the sand vball courts.

Suddenly something caught his eye in the water. Excitedly, he asked me "woah! do you see that uhu (fish name)?" I saw a flash of red and white in the water and also became very excited thinking about how delicious that guy was going to taste when he was stuffed and steamed in my oven. Normally Mr A catches lots of small fish in his net and we fry them or steam them. Its yummy, but a pain to pick out all those tiny little bones just to get to the meat. I have long desired a huge hunk of fish flesh.

Now Mr As net has oddly tangled. Like a weird tangle that isnt common. By the time he untangles the net the uhu is gone, but there is something else there. Bear in mind here that the fish is right on the shoreline and Mr A has spent the better part of the morning getting blasted by waves while duck walking across the reef.

He walks up to the shore and throws out his net. And Ill be damned if there wasnt a HUGE school of HUGE fish called kala! Now Im no fisherman but Mr A swears that he has never seen fish like this on the shore and hes certainly never caught one in his net, let alone five! Its well over 25lbs of fish! Of course, Ill be paying the price for netting such large fish - Ill be spending the majority of my weekend patching holes in Mr As net!

We were both just jumping up and down on the shore screaming and laughing! Luckily, we were the only people around.

The red and white uhu got away. Mr A said that the uhu was an aumakua, or guardian spirit, whos purpose was to show him the school of kala, not to be caught himself. We decided to freeze the fish and save it for Ikaikas 1st lu'au. But, I cant be left so unsatisfied (the sport of catching it isnt really why I like fishing anyway) so we are going to grill up the smallest one tonight, just to make sure its tasty!

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