9 month checkup

Ikaika will be 10 months tomorrow, but that didnt stop me from scheduling the 9 month check up for today. What can I say - Im a rebel.

"Ooo...thats more than a bag of rice!"
-the nurse while weighing Baby Ickey

Hes 30.3 inches and 22lbs 11oz.

We also got a blood sample taken to test for lead and iron levels. I thought I was going to pass out sitting there in that little lab chair with my son in my arms as they strapped a tourniquet on his arm. I had visions of my child screaming and thrashing in my arm as that needle approached his almost invisible vein. I imagined them "missing" and having to redo the whole thing four times (ala his newborn jaundice poke). He literally just sat there. He didnt squirm or squeal or make any time of noise or movement. Mr A, who had a better view, said that his face winced slightly.

The lab technition looked at me, smiled and said, "hes not ikaika for nothing!"

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