Inappropriate Fashion Choices for the Whiter Among Us

Long have I desired to travel in India. Its not even the spectacular Buddhist architecture, the mysterious Hindu artifacts, the tantalizing food or the colorful and awe inspiring festivals.
I have ALWAYS wanted to wear a sari or whatever the name for this get-up is. Its so freakin comfortable. Like wearing pajamas. Its cool and breathable, modest yet sensual, its the best of the best! The scarf is both functional and stylish. The pants can adjust through even the most heinous of "fat days". The detailing is beautiful without being fussy. If I could, I would have seven of these for every day of the week.
Being that I am clearly not Indian, part Indian, living in India, British raised in India, etc. I have no conceiveable excuse to wear this and, even though I see people wearing these all the time in the US, I regretfully admit that I would feel silly and self conscious wearing it in public.
Living in Hawaii only offers me the opportunity to wear mu'umu'us. But this type of outfit is so ideally suited to the weather conditions in Hawaii. Beyond the cool and comfortable argument, it covers skin from the sun. I would like to find a way to design an outfit that draws on this for inspiration but isnt so "Indian" that I would look like that-weirdo-white-person-wearing-ethnic-clothes when I wore it.

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  1. Where did you get this outfit? Did you go to a store and try it on???? So funny!!