Ikaikas First Steps and Beths First Marriage

Today we went to my brand new brother-in-laws baseball game. Hes going to play on the AllStar team soon. Yay! Heres a pic of the two boys who have foolishly signed on for a lifetime of Stransky family shananagins!

The "bride" and "maid of honor" (although shes not old enough so I was technically the witness)

This is what Sunday afternoons are all about. Brats with kraut and all the fixins along with cold beer in a coozie. Yum yum!

Ethans team won. It made up for the Brewers blowing it on Thursday.

A nice family picture. From left to right we have mom, Uncle Ken (dads brother), cousin Amber, dad, Mo, Granny, Grandpa (moms parents), Beth, Ethan, Ickey, myself, and Mr A.

Its interesting how the extended family was soooo small when I was young (11 of us total) and now it seems like we are growing every year! (I think there are 20 of us total now)

Beth and Ethans "blink and youll miss it" ceremony went down Friday morning. The big BBQ celebration was last night and it was fun fun fun! A true midwest marriage - there were brats and Miller Lite, 2 tvs with the Brewers game set up around the yard, tailgating games and a music playlist ranging from Elvis to Lynard Skynard.


Last night (7/11) Ikaika took his first steps! 5 distinct steps that I witnessed in their entirety. A friends daughter, Molly, was playing with something Ickey clearly found appealing so he toddled after her and stayed on balance. It was awesome! Both Mr A and I had discussed this beforehand and were in agreement that the baby would walk at some point during this trip. Unfortunately he hasnt felt like reliving this momentous achievement so I havent been able to get any hard evidence to post here.

Not only did this happen on the day of Beths wedding, it was also the same day (54 years ago) that my Uncle Bruce took his first steps. Granny remembered this only because July 11th is her stepdads birthday. Lucky day!


  1. It WAS the fastest wedding ever, but it sure was an awesome weekend! It was SO great seeing you and meeting Ickey... I'll send my photos soon!
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your time in 'Sconnie!

  2. Why "Beth's first marriage?" Is she planning on having a second??

  3. Not that Ive heard!

    Its just a play on words. Not a terribly clever one.