Week One: Fashion Challenge

My friend and I are doing a blog challenge this week.

Here is how it was explained to me:

"just wear what you would normally wear. You don't have to think about it too much because I think I would just become overwhelmed and never make it to work on time in the morning.

And, let's do it continuous for 1 week. That way you can't chea
t and just take a picture on the day that you had lots of time to pick your outfit and you look good.

The reason i want to do this is to figure out why i have so much trouble picking clothes to wear and clothes to buy. I think I can't tell what I look good in. Also, I have so many clothes that I don't wear at all. And I have a crap load of jewelry I don't wear either. It's a waste!

So, I was hoping that if I can see what I'm wearing that maybe I'll be able to get out of this fashion block. It's like I'm totally uninspired and clueless when it comes to my own fashion."

Me too! So we are doing this all week. Yesterday my stupid USB cord was nowhere to be found so today I am double posting to make up for it.

Although, I feel like this challenge is unfair for several reasons:

1) my friend has an actual job and she needs to look presentable whereas I dont.

2) Hawaii seems to have its own unique sense of what is considered "fashionable".
Looking too trendy would make you stand out - in a bad way. I dont really want to make a Green Acres reference here but it seems fitting.

3) I dont usually get all spiffed up because the better I look, the better the chances are that Ickey will throw up on me. Theres only so much feedback you can give on shorts and a tshirt!

(My camera has been giving me stress. The data card erased all the photos for some unknown reason. The worst part is that Mr A had gone to Sijo Emperados funeral with his daughter this weekend and all the pictures he took are now gone! What a bummer! So I was going to post all these great photos from the weekend but now it seems we have only our memories.)


  1. omg, you crack me up! I'm sorry if my bag is outdated, but NO, you may not have it! Maybe someday I will hook you up with a unbelievably good Korean knock-off!

    A co-worker actually commented on how un-summery I look today but I'm afraid this trend will continue since most of my clothes are black and dark!

    I think you look really cute here, although, I don't know if I like stripes on top. Striped skirt would be good though.

  2. I think your dress is cute but you know I need to see the shoes.

  3. There are no shoes!

    I wear slippers in the house and they are the lime green Reef flip flops you gave me (Ruth)!

    When I went to the store I wore red flip flops from Old Navy. I have a red pair and a brown pair and that pretty much takes me through any day or outfit! Its so sad!

  4. Ah, there's the second outfit!

    Very cute!

    Actually, I just really like your poses! Hehehhehe.

  5. Melodie5.6.09

    I think this is an awesome contest. I love the outfits your friend has been wearing. :o)

    While imagining what I'd be wearing, I realized that it'd be rather sad. Jeans and a black top every single day.