Mr Peepers

Yesterday, after snorkeling/fishing at the beach (where I saw fish the size of dogs and an eel larger than my wing span), we stopped by KTA to pick up some groceries. Ikaika needed something to occupy him in the cart so Mr A gave him a papaya to hold.

That was fine until he started biting into it. Im not sure if a papaya rind is edible but I never eat it so Im fairly certain the baby shouldnt either. We switched the papaya with a pear. Ikaika became so engrossed with this pear we couldnt even wrestle it away from him for the sake of checking out!! He was so in love with the pear that when we got home he sat in his chair and ATE THE ENTIRE THING!

He was able to do so because, much like myself and all my sisters, he has inherited two enormous front teeth! And that gap...all I can say is wow!

The whole scene reminded me of the SNL skit with Mr Peepers.

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