Hou'oli La Hanau to ME!

First of all, heres what Im wearing today. Check out the competition here.

Its my 27th birthday today!

I spent all morning doing NOTHING - literally didnt get out of bed until noon and didnt shower until well after 3pm. For the evening festivities, my darling Mr A took me to Tako Taco, a mexican taqueria in the heart of Hawaii.

The food was alright at best and Thursday night open mic was not exactly exploding with fresh talent.

The real highlight was the margaritas! I got a liliko'i (passion fruit) blended with li hing mui (plum powder) on the rim. It was seriously THE BEST MARGARITA I HAVE EVER HAD. Period.

After we hooked him up with a spoon and a straw, Ikaika was set for an hour and a half and we had a very pleasant dinner. In retrospect, I should have brought some food he could eat, too.

I had a truly wonderful birthday and I really appreciate all the well wishes! Being 26 was such a blast but Im excited to move forward. My goals for this year are to get more serious about focusing my creativity into some kind of an outlet, enjoy almost every moment with my kid (possibly work on a sequel), try to understand my husband better by understanding this crazy place he calls home, and visit at least one cool place in each district of this island!


  1. I'm so glad you had a happy birthday!!!

    Ikaika's hair is growing so thick!

    I like your birthday resolutions! And, I'd have to say that you can make any outfit look good! I don't think I've seen you looking hideous yet.

  2. Melodie5.6.09

    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. :o)

    Your little one is growing so fast! What a cutie.