6 month check up

Went in for the obligatory six month check up on Thursday.

Last week he had his first official illness. There was hanabata, fever, and everything. But even though hes been scratching at his ears the doctor said it was just some congestion and not an infection (*phew* Ive been very nervous about ear infections since Mr A and I both have a history of some pretty gnarly autolaryngological problems).

Overall, doc gave him the stamp of approval. He weighed in at 20lbs 1oz and measured a whopping 28 3/4"! He was very energetic for the doctor, wowing him with all his mobility based tricks. You can see in the above picture that he completely destroyed the paper cover on the examination table!

There have also been new developments in the circumcision saga. We decided to go ahead with getting Ickey circumcised so I asked the pediatrician about it when I was there. They wont do it after one month old so we have to go to a urologist in Hilo. I called the urology clinic and they wont do it until hes a year old! Furthermore, its still not clear whether or not insurance will cover it since its technically not a medically necessary procedure. If they dont, lets just say we could use the same amount of money to take a relaxing holiday in Thailand! The bottom line is that our baby needs to go to the penis doctor to get some plastic surgery. But hes stuck with his foreskin for at least another 6 months, if not more, depending on how big of a pain in the ass this whole thing turns out to be!


  1. He's doing ok with it so far though, right??

    I think you guys are very nice parents to be taking care of this for baby, Ikaika, before he grows up. Maybe he'll thank you????

  2. Just wanted to share this story with you though.

    When Tae and I were talking about whether or not to neuter Chewy, it was a hard decision. I worried if it would change his temperament or if he would be sad without it.

    We eventually did have Chewy neutered and it was painful for me to see him after he got home from the vet, but all in all he is the same dog and maybe it was a good thing?

    I know it's not really comparable because Chewy is not a human being but I undestand the tough decision.