Baby Ickey Photo Update!

I finally got my hands on some batteries (although no new charger to replace the one that melted)... Here is the Official Baby Ickey Photo Update!

This is actually from a couple weeks ago before the camera died. Mr A says that Ikaika looks exactly like him in this photo (except with ehu hair and blue eyes, of course)

This is from yesterday. He looks so old to me! Is he attending Beloit College or is that just a classy sweatshirt?! (notice also that he is sitting up independently. pretty good eh?)

Heres a nice shot of the new teeth. Front and center!

We got this little booster seat thing from my Uncle Bruce and Ikaika seems like appreciate being at eye level with us while hes eating now. Hes sucking on some teething toast- homemade by yours truly out of millet bread. Onolicious!
Thus far he has tasted poi, brown rice cereal, carrots, bananas and the aforementioned toast. He likes it all.

I was on the phone with my mom last night (as usual) and he was having a blast playing with this squash. It is intended to be pureed and frozen for his eating pleasure but he apparently couldnt wait that long. I think Im going to completely give up on toys since (unplugged) power cords, the tape measure, empty chip bags and large vegetables can keep him entertained for hours.

This video is also from before the camera ran out of batteries. It clearly shows the scooting and rocking on hands and knees that will eventually turn into bonefide crawling. Since this is still about where hes at now I figured I would post it anyway.
Thanks to Cousin Amber for the rad Twins gear!

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  1. I have noticed that Beloit alums tend to be covered in drool, too.