Toys Now Exist!

Ikaika has had this elephant dangling from his car seat for almost an entire month. Not only has he never "played" with it - hes never even looked at it! He has paid less than no attention to this thing. Hes never given me any kind of indication that was thinking about playing with it but just didnt know how (ie. staring at it or reaching for it in some manner).
Then, quite suddently and unexpectedly, the other day when we were in the car, I heard some rattling and I looked over and he was doing this!!! He was shaking it and laughing and trying to eat the feet, etc!!! Seemingly overnight he has made this amazing developmental progress! I was so proud. And, additionally, he has also recently discovered his hands so when hes not loving on Mr Elephant he is playing with his fists.


  1. So cute! And so big!

  2. Melodie12.1.09

    Doesn't that go hand in hand with the fact that babies' eyesights are so poor up until about three months of age?