The Business of Being Born

Last night I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born - produced by Ricki Lake. Very interesting stuff.
Its basically a pro-midwife/homebirth film that addresses some questions about hospital births and the history of women giving birth. Mr A and I watched it together and it was so weird because I was watching these women give birth, all kinds of births, and I was like "oh my god, Im going to be doing that in a month!" Its so crazy to think that will be me, not only someday, but someday soon.
There were a couple parts that I found more thought provoking than others. One being a lady who mentioned that most people will put more time and effort picking out a stereo or a new car than they will picking out how they want to deliver their children. Another doctor made a very (what I would consider to be) controversial statement about how if women dont deliver naturally and vaginally then they dont release certain chemicals and hormones in their brains that make them love and protect their young. He said monkeys who are given C-sectioins are basically uninterested in taking care of their offspring afterwards. Hmm... Then the film concludes with the flimmaker, who was preggo during the making of the documentary, having an emergency C-section after planning a homebirth. Hmm hmm...
Im really glad I saw this movie. It got me all jazzed about giving birth. I think that even if you arent at all considering a midwife/ waterbirth/ granola kind of birth this is a good movie to watch just because it talks about some issues that maybe you hadnt thought of before. It would also help people who may have had a disappointing birth experience realize that its not necessarily their fault. It presents a lot of different options for how to give birth, since most people I talk to seem to think that theres only one or two ways to go.
But the very best part of the movie was when a lady gave birth and the baby came out along with some fluid or whatever and Mr A basically leaped off the couch, shreaking in fright and hid his face in a stack of pillows! I was like "dude, you need to suck it up or you arent going to be much help!"
Then I had a dream last night where I was in the park with my baby and I was "peeing" him in the flower bed (holding him over the flowers so he would pee there). And he was going a ton and I was all proud of him and excited about not having to change a diaper. Then this group of preschool kids walked by and one goes "eww, thats gross". I whipped my head around and shot him a look and snapped "You know whats gross? Shitting in your pants!" Then Mr As phone rang and I woke up.
And, for your viewing pleasure, heres a hoodie I made with Mr As old shirt and some leftover fleece. I didnt use a pattern so the neck hole and/or the hood might be too small. But Mr A was over the moon about it, so you should be too.

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