Whos the Catcher?

So I asked Mr A the other day if he wanted to catch the baby. It seems like one of those things that you should discuss before the actual event - although it also seems like one of those things that if it happens, it happens. Like a "birth plan" - sounds good in theory but who knows.

Anyone who knows my ipo knows that he is Mr Confidence. He has, on multiple occasions, concluded that he has the expertise to fix various ailments including, but not limited to, an ear infection and a broken toe. He is also (what I would describe as) highly protective and has expressed apprehension about letting others care for the baby. Its reasonable for me to conclude that delivering a baby is something he would not only feel capable of doing but would take enormous pride in.

He looked at me with this weird expression/furrowed brow and said "uh...I dunno. Im afraid Id drop him."


They hand you the baby like two seconds after its born anyway! Its not even like this is your first newborn baby experience! You can catch a football flying through the air 60 yards away and you cant catch a baby on its way out of the birth canal?!

He sort of shrugged and said he would probably be crying, his hands would be shaking, etc.

He also commented that he is "tough on the outside but soft on the inside" - which was so damn cute that I just let the whole thing go!

Guess we will just have to wait and see whose arms this child will fall into.

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