A Blog is Born

So Mr A has been hounding me recently to send out an update on the baby and how "our pregnancy" (sorry if that makes you want to gag) is going. And I was going to do just that...

However, I was inspired by my college friend/lacrosse teammate, Abbie, and her blog All About Sam. Not to mention that when I was keeping up with Terms of Indifference I got a lot of positive feedback from far-away relatives and the like, especially during my work and travels in Asia.

I have created The Arrayan Baby Blog so that everyone who so desires can keep up with the latest news about Mr A, me, and our little kanaka-in-the-making.

And just so you dont go away feeling disappointed - here's a picture of me in all my pregnant glory.


  1. Whoo hoo! The upcoming Arrayan baby! Can't wait!

  2. Melodie24.7.08

    You look amazing!

  3. Kris Bjork28.7.08

    Wow, Kitie, congratulations!!!! My mom sends her congrats as well. You look great; I'll be anxious to hear more about the baby!

  4. Anonymous30.7.08

    Wow Kitie! Married, a baby! Congrats on it all. I think I found another fabulous blog to ready while I am bored at work. ~Tracy

  5. Tracy30.7.08

    Wow Kitie! Married and a baby! Congratulations. Looks like I found another blog to keep my occupied at work.